while traversing through the gorge in the northern parts of West Bengal,

witnessed lit grasses at the dusk on the left side of the track,

that was not moonlighting, but hundreds of fireflies manoeuvering their way towards nothing,

the local kids were busy staring me while I was gazing the fiery grass,

our ecology does shape us in weird ways.

growing up in the concrete with a forest cover of 3.08% of the total geographical area,

it doesn’t really prepare you for anything, or does it?

if you discount,

crossing a four-lane road with heavy traffic in the middle of…

W. H Auden pointed that, “Thousands have lived without love, none without water”, I hope you all agree with Auden on the ‘water part’. So, the conclusion is “Water is IMPORTANT”, for each of us and every living being, who may or may not understand vague concepts like love.

This blog piece is written from a country where the three monsoon years i.e. 2016, 2017 and 2018, have created both flood and drought-like conditions. Validated government data (NITI Aayog CWMI report 2018) showed that 21 cities will reach zero groundwater level by 2020. Well, this is 2020 and the moment…

Chipko Movement in India tends to be a model case study for ecofeminist environmental movement. It is widely recognized as one of the first organized environmental protests to save the environment and led to major changes in both state policies and forest management laws in India.

Gaura Devi was born in a tribal Marchha family of Lata Village in the Neeti valley of Chamoli district, Himalayan regions of then Uttar Pradesh. She was married off in Reni village and became a widow at the age of 22 with a two-and-a-half-year-old son to bring up. …

In the interiors of a desert state (Rajasthan), a desolate god-forsaken village in the outskirts of ‘Pink City: Jaipur’, lies a hamlet which breeds fine textile artisans. This piece is an account of a traditional occupation that has caught spaces in infinite wardrobes and yet very few are aware of the plight of the craftsman cultivating the art on textiles. Bagru’s municipal boundary falls in the Sanganer district in Rajasthan. It is famous for its century-old technique of hand-block printing and natural dyes. The eye-catcher of the technique is the bold and delicate designs made by finely carved wooden blocks…


drifting off of a familiar touch,

eyes; ablaze, volcanic, and as still as a lake in a chilly winter morning,

credence, an atheist building gods for sustaining the hope,

lovers melting into sadness, shedding skins, bleeding without stains,

exasperation, to be or not to be, or just camouflage,

I understand!

sinking alone in my comfortable bed, being engulfed leaving no trace of flesh behind,

the heartbreak of the magpie robin on being called bad luck when spotted alone,

all the unreasonable wishes hanging on the constellations, I have few on the Orion,

the lost warrior, whose weapon was just…

This is my first fall in Dehradun, and Himalayan winters offer you various shades of cool other than the regular ones. Of wet window panes in the morning, of the bright sunny days with freezing winter breeze and having a feeling that the glaciers are directly connected to your house tap. Such is the emotion of Himalayan winters. Besides, it’s been almost a year since I started working on Himalayan towns, water, and its people. We are a group of researchers at CEDAR trying to find truths of the natural environment and real-time situations of small urban conglomerates of Uttarakhand…

Manya Singh

Researcher. Birder. Weaving stories from Observations.

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